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Anona Fawn Consulting

With sknir̓mn ~ Buttercup

I am a sqilxʷ (Indigenous) woman from the syilx Okanagan Nation located in the Interior of British Columbia in the country commonly called Canada today.


Although, my Nation is a transboundary Nation, with half in "Canada" and the other half in the "USA". My Nation is older than both of those countries combined with archaeological proof that we have inhabited this territory for at least twelve thousand years. I have lineage and relatives dotted throughout our entire traditional territory

"Knowledge means nothing if you don't share it with someone!"

"caylx Richard Armstrong" 

My journey so far..

I am the granddaughter of the late Rachel & Basil Paul from the Penticton Indian Band. My grandma, Rachel was the matriarch of our family, her word was law. She joined the ancestors in 2003. When my grandpa Basil made his journey in 2008, I began to immerse myself in our beautiful culture. Before my grandparents passed, it never occurred to me that they wouldn't always be here to answer my questions about our language and culture. Young and dumb as they say! I first enrolled at the En'owkin Centre, a post-secondary school in my community with a mandate of language and culture revitalization, to learn our language, culture and true history. 


Sharing syilx Okanagan Culture

As I began sharing my Indigenous culture with students in public schools, I witnessed the adults in attendance eager to learn as well. 


Traditional Welcome

Event Opening

As a guest in our traditional territory, it is customary to have a local Indigenous person, group or community offer a traditional welcome. Following this protocol honors right relations...

Learn more


Learning on the Land

tmxʷúlaʔxʷ ~ Land

Learning on the land is my favorite kind of learning! When we get out in nature we engage our senses. Studies show that when you engage your senses, you retain more knowledge. It is so good for overall wellness... Learn more


True History

Truth Before Reconciliation

Before we can accomplish reconciliation, we must first learn the truth. The truth can be hard to hear. I believe that people deserve to learn the truth and when they do, true healing can begin... Learn more

Success Stories

5 star.png

"It's one thing to learn about this land in this beautiful territory and quite another to learn it from someone whose ancestors are originally from here!"

A client during a "Learning on the Land" session in the Okanagan

Begin your journey towards learning the beauty in syilx Okanagan culture. Contact me to book your cultural session(s).

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